Student Ministry

Who We Are

Equip is the Student Ministry of Ben Davis Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What We Do

A Safe Place for Students

Middle School Students


Sunday at 9:30 & 11 am

An hour-long worship service for middle school students from fifth to eighth grade. Hilarious games, awesome music, and a challenge to embrace faith all come together and point students to own their faith. After worship ends, middle school students break into small groups for conversation. These groups are safe places for students to make friends and fall in love with God’s Word for life.

High School Students


Sunday at 6 pm

A weekly, two-hour event for high school students. Experiential worship and an authentic message help students connect to God in more meaningful ways. Our staff and volunteers guide ninth through twelfth-grade students as they navigate the challenging journey from teenager to adult. Our goal is to prepare young men and young women for a life-long adventure of following Christ.

What We Teach

Authentic Faith

Knowing what we believe about Jesus and why we believe it, and basing our identities on what He says about us.

Spiritual Disciplines

Having a personal relationship with Jesus through daily habits like praying and reading the Bible.

Moral Boundaries

Avoiding sin by setting limits for our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Healthy Relationships

Building relationships that honor Jesus and support us.

Wise Decisions

Making decisions based on biblical truth.

Ultimate Authority

Recognizing God as the ultimate authority and respecting people in authority positions.

Selfless Mindset

Developing the same attitude as Jesus and putting the needs of others first.

Kingdom Impact

Answering to the call to advance the Kingdom, embodying the justice and mercy of Jesus, and actively participating in transforming lives.

Upcoming Events

Make a Difference

Are you passionate about investing in the lives of our Ben Davis pre-teens and teens? There are many ways to make a difference in our student ministry each week. Contact our student ministry team today to learn more about how you can engage in all areas of Equip Student Ministry!