This is for Mom

MOPS is an acronym for Mothers of Preschoolers. Every other week, mothers get together to interact and feed their souls through faith-guided conversations over a wholesome meal. It’s an opportunity for moms to get a chance to connect to other moms, build friendships, and take a moment to relax.

Let’s face it: There’s nothing like being a mom. It’s a joy-filled journey with many challenges. No one can understand that better than another mom. That’s why we’ve created this safe place to share our stories. At our MOPS meet-ups, we laugh, cry, and lean on each other as we embrace this beautiful journey called motherhood.

Get Started


Every get-together starts with a warm brunch. We talk and hear from experts on relevant-to-you topics like raising children, marriage, and what it takes to maintain a faith-filled home environment.


All year round, what you’ll find at meetings are multiple tables that are divided into groups. Outside of these organized meetings, these table groups gather for play dates or other get-togethers during the year to get to know each other. Each table has a mentor mom who contributes to table discussions and shares her advice and wisdom.


The activities that you’ll be a part of when you join MOPS meetings are service projects and creative events, including “Mom’s Nights Out” and play dates throughout the semester. It’s a great opportunity to bond with other moms who encounter the same struggles and challenges in motherhood just like you. When you join our activities, come ready to share stories, make friends, and encourage one another.


There is a yearly registration fee to cover membership in MOPS international that includes supplies and structured childcare for preschoolers. All the benefits of membership in MOPS International are listed at

Upcoming Events

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Childcare is available. During the time you are nurturing yourself, your kids will be lovingly cared for by our staff and volunteers that will provide a preschool-like environment in age-appropriate rooms. Your kids will have a chance to enjoy crafts, activities, listen to stories, sing songs, play games, have a snack, and make new friends.