Faith Milestones for Families

Throughout the Apostle Paul’s letters in the Bible, the disciple refers to his faith life as a race.

Have you ever ran a road race or attended a marathon to cheer on a friend? On every race track, there are mile-markers (or milestones) that allow the runner to quickly see and know how far along they are in their journey toward the finish line. Depending on the milestone they see, a runner can change their pace, speed up or down based on remaining distance, and push on toward the end goal. 

As the runner travels past each mile marker, crowds of people gather to cheer on the runners as they race. Their encouragement provides the energy and support the runners need to reach the finish line.

Using Paul’s language of “running the race” we have developed a series of “faith milestones” for our NextGen Ministry areas. These faith journey milestones act as practical guides for the faith development of our children and students. These markers fuel our parents and church community as they invest in the lives of kids and students across our church.

The Road Map


Baby Dedication

At Ben Davis Christian Church, one of our favorite times of the year are Parent Dedications. These moments are an incredible milestone for our families. Parent Dedications are a concrete way that our parents and church community come together to show their intention to invest in the lives of the next generation. 



There is no more important decision in the life of a child than to follow Jesus and be baptized. We offer courses for kids and teens called Young Disciples as well as one-on-one opportunities to talk about this all-important milestone.


Discipleship Week

Throughout pre-teen and teen years, we have a number of weeklong discipleship experiences. These events are called CIY or Christ in Youth. Not only is CIY a lot of fun for our students, but it is also one of the ost formative experiences–packed with engaging music, challenging speakers, and moving experiences.


Purity Commitment

Among the most important experiences in a young person’s life is understanding their full identity in Jesus. While some could think of purity in terms of sexuality alone, we see purity as an all-of-life decision. 



The cumulative event of our faith milestones–graduation. The Bible carefully instructs parents to raise children for release (Proverbs 22:6). For this reason, we celebrate graduation in a big way at Ben Davis Christian Church and setup our young people for success in life.

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