How Do I Discover My Spiritual Gift?

July 30, 2021

In Christian culture, it’s not too uncommon to be asked, “What is your spiritual gift?” You might be thinking, I don’t even know my Myers Brigg personality let alone my spiritual gifting. Don’t worry; it’s not as complex as it may seem.

If anyone looks at Will Smith, they’d admit he has a gift for acting. This is a natural gift that God has blessed him with. How does a spiritual gift differ from a natural gift? A spiritual gift is empowered by the Holy Spirit, however, it’s very possible that your natural giftings will be used of God.

Some of your gifts might be obvious to others, or even yourself. We all know Will Smith is an amazing actor. However, his acting ability could be connected to a deeper gifting like communication, understanding others, or empathy. On the surface, all that is seen initially is his ability to act out a tear-jerker. But these surface level traits can easily be used by God to further his kingdom, beyond just the talent itself. If you aren’t sure your gifting, ask those around you. Often they can help confirm areas of your life that you excel in, and you can dive deeper from there.

You might start to do something in your life, and see blessings from God over it. It can be an everyday task in your workplace, such as teaching or administration. Perhaps there was a sense of purpose involved, or it came easily to you. That could be one of your spiritual gifts as well.

Maybe you have no idea the areas you excel in. That’s okay! Just try out something that you like and see if God’s favor is on it. For example, some people realize they really like to have others over at their home. Perhaps they notice this and want to stick their toe in the water to see if they have a spiritual gift in this area. They start to invite more people from church over. They host baby showers. They invite nonbelievers to have dinner and share the gospel over a meal. They might come to notice God blessing it, and they find a sense of purpose in it. Sometimes trying out a gift that you think you might have is the best way to find out!

It doesn’t have to come all at once! If you even sense that you like to do something, see how using it for God plays out. You may discover that it’s your exact fit and what the church needs.

Here are some of the gifts listed in Scripture (though not exhaustive):

● Teaching
● Wisdom
● Knowledge
● Faith
● Healing
● Prophesy
● Discernment
● Serving
● Generosity
● Encouragement
● Leadership
● Mercy

God has created you in a unique way to help your local church. You are needed. Your gift is not only a gift for you but a gift for all.

Ryan Heathco

Ryan Heathco is the Lead Pastor of Ben Davis Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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