Enjoying Jesus’ Presence in Others

May 17, 2021

In Matthew 18:20, Jesus gives us the most incredible truth about Community: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” The most beautiful and remarkable thing about our faith is that we are able to enjoy a personal, life-altering relationship with Jesus. We have direct access to Him through Community! Jesus Himself joins us when we come together in His name.

This makes community much more than it seems to be on the surface. Not only are we getting together with our fellow believers to share good times, love, encouragement, and learning, but with Christ among us, Community turns into an opportunity for worship. This opportunity is so different than what we experience on Sundays and so essential. It’s a more intimate side of worship that helps us to grow closer to one another and, more importantly, closer to Jesus in a unique way.

Neighborhood Groups are a phenomenal way to experience all of this for yourself. Joining a group is easy, and through it, you will enjoy the presence of Christ as you forge unbreakable bonds with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Backyard Church is also a great way to get started and get a taste of what true community is all about. We pray that you’ll join us in this experience we’ve created to encourage Community and spiritual growth in our community.

When you commit to being part of a Neighborhood Group, you are committing to seeking Christ’s presence within a community of believers. This is precisely what we’re called to do as followers of Christ. In a world filled with isolation and struggling hearts, especially amid the pandemic, we need Community more than ever. Come find purpose, belonging, and healing in community today. Jesus will bless and join your time together.

Ryan Heathco

Ryan Heathco is the Lead Pastor of Ben Davis Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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