Is it OK to Have Doubts?

January 14, 2021

Doubt is Normal

We may have feelings of guilt and shame when we experience doubt in our spiritual journey. Rest assured that these feelings are entirely normal and that it happens to the strongest people of faith! We are merely human, after all, and we are bound to stumble from time to time. Praise God that He has given us a faith that helps us to pull through stronger every time!

Never hesitate to bring your feelings of doubt and your questions straight to God Himself through prayer. God wants you to be open and vulnerable with Him. There is no point in hiding anything from Him even if you wanted to because He can see our hearts even better than we can. God wants to take those doubts and lead you to powerful answers that will deepen your faith in ways that you never thought possible before.

Don’t beat yourself up for having doubts. Instead, use it as motivation to deepen your understanding of the Bible and the truth that it contains. Let that desire for answers fuel you in deepening your faith and furthering your relationship with God. God understands you even more than you know yourself, which means you don’t need to be shy in showing Him your true feelings. Humbly ask Him for help, and you will surely receive it.

Never forget how the disciples themselves had doubts. Peter so much so, that it led him to deny Jesus three times! But what did Jesus do? He forgave Peter because He knew His heart and turned those doubts into faith beyond imagination. He wants to do the same thing for you. All you must do is approach Him with a sincere heart. Find assurance in the disciples’ examples and how their doubts led them to a faith that changed the world.

Ryan Heathco

Ryan Heathco is the Lead Pastor of Ben Davis Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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