Project: Warm Home

Community Grants

About the Grant

Project: Warm Home is a grant distribution project facilitated by Ben Davis Christian Church for residents of Wayne Township, Indiana. The intention of this grant is to replace home furnaces and other minor repairs that will enable safe and efficient operation of a new furnace.

This grant is funded by donations and the Carrier Community Development Fund. The grant is available to select homeowners who meet the requirements of the application.

Requirements for Applicants:

  • You must be a resident of Wayne Township, IN
  • You must own and reside in the home that would receive a new furnace
  • You must earn 75% or less of the median income for your area, based on household size
  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident

Approval Process:

  • Complete the application form as completely as possible, including all requested attachments
  • A licensed HVAC technician and home contractor will inspect your home furnace and ventilation system to determine if replacement/new furnace with minimal additional repairs will be sufficient to improve your home’s energy use. An estimate for the cost of the furnace and any additional improvements will be supplied to the homeowner and the Ben Davis Christian Church Grant Committee
  • Recipients will be chosen based on available funding, application requirements, and the impact that a new furnace will have on the energy costs in the home.

You will be notified of your status as you proceed through the process.  At any time, the BDCC committee may inform you that you are no longer in consideration for this grant.

Grant Application

Do you live in Wayne Township?

Are you 18 years old or older?

Is the address of home needing a new furnace the same as your home address above?

Are you a US citizen or a permanent resident?

Preferred method of contact:

Do you own the home needing a new furnace?

Do you live in the home needing a new furnace?

Is there currently a furnace in the home?

Have you experienced a financial hardship in the past 12 months (example: loss of employment, medical condition, unforeseen challenge)?

I verify that all the information provided in this application is true.

4 + 10 =